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Use a computer or mobile device.

The world is now a mobile generation and your healthcare should be too. QuickcareNP will get you connected to a nurse practitioner in minutes. Access to this quality healthcare is affordable and convenient without leaving your home, job, or wherever you are.

What to Expect

QuickcareNP is quality care


Out of pocket affordable care without hidden fees.


Accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan.

Virginia Provider

Visit with a trusted provider licensed in the state.

Why Virtual Care?

Improving your healthcare experience

Technology has opened doors to quality healthcare that works for you. The mobility of online visits are not only convenient, they also save you money.


Why choose QuickcareNP?

Save Time

Skip the traditional wait time at a doctor’s office. No traffic or commute to worry about either!

Secure Messages

Secure messages to and from the provider are available in your patient portal account.

No Germ Exposure

No more sitting in a room of sick people where you’re exposed to more germs.

Easy Scheduling

Wait for the next available time or schedule an appointment online. Reschedule or cancel with ease.

Patient Portal Account

View your health records, appointments, lab orders, mediation, and more. Any time, anywhere.

No Childcare Required

Transportation and finding childcare in order to see a doctor isn’t an issue with telemedicine.

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