What is Quickcare NP?

Telemedicine solution for lack of access to healthcare

Quickcare NP is a mobile telemedicine platform for minor healthcare issues. A licensed Nurse Practitioner will connect with you from the comfort of your mobile devices or computer equipped with video capabilities. The Nurse Practitioner will interview the patients, assess the complaint, instruct client further for visualization of the problem if indicated, and provide a prescribed medication if needed.

Why Telemedicine?

Americans have a lack of access to care, especially those who are not or underinsured, which only worsens the state of health. By providing a low cost, self-pay solutions and patient can be seen quickly and safely without breaking the bank.

Telemedicine also offers the convenience of care. If a patient is at work but can leave for a minor ailment, they can easily be seen and return to their tasks or even have a sick note if needed.


As the world becomes more digitized, and the use of the internet has allowed many conveniences, why not use the same technology to help Americans get the care they deserve at a cost they can afford? By eliminating the nuances of insurance, the relationship of patient-provider is preserved, and healthcare for the most common ailments is provided where access is limited or for pure convenience.